2SER 107.3 would not be able to keep broadcasting without the generous support of our Sponsorship clients.

With a promotional campaign on 2SER, you have the opportunity to talk to our attentive, socially aware and culturally active audience. Our listeners welcome information from 2SER, a source that they trust and respect, about events, products and services in their community.

2SER offers a variety of promotional packages to suit all budgets. For more information about how to get your message to our listeners, contact:

Mark Ward – 2SER Sponsorship & Promotions Manager

Mark can be reached at or on (02) 9514 9531

Who We Are

2SER 107.3: Since our inception as an educational broadcaster in 1979, we have maintained our position as a trusted voice in the Sydney media landscape with a unique broadcast licence. With over 60 diverse radio programs on the grid, 2SER aims to educate and inform with stories, ideas and music from Sydney, across Australia and around the world.

Our program makers have a deep passion for radio and are genuine music fanatics or devoted experts in their areas of interest. 2SER’s programs are mostly powered by volunteer broadcasters (except Breakfast with Mitch since April 2013), drawn to the station’s independent ethos and commitment to producing quality radio.

2SER is a not-for-profit community radio station which relies on financial support from our community through sponsorship and subscription – this is listener-funded radio. 2SER remains independent, unbiased and without playlists by not having to answer to shareholders or advertisers. 2SER provides a genuine, intelligent and considered alternative.

Our Listeners

· 461,000 listeners monthly

· 132,000 listeners weekly

· 54% of 2SER’s core audience is aged between 25 and 54

· 17% are aged 15-24 with 29% aged 55+

· 57% of listeners are male, 43% female

· 12% of all Sydney people aged 15+ listen to 2SER

2SER listeners are well educated, lifestyle-driven singles, couples and midlife households who are community minded and culturally engaged, often well-established in their lives and careers with acutely developed global perspectives.

2SER listeners are predominantly full time professionals and business owners earning salaries over $60,000 (86% are the household grocery buyer) with a significant disposable income for theatre, cinema, live music and restaurants and home entertainment; music, film and games.

Our audience is diverse, sophisticated and loyal, one that rarely listens to commercial radio, preferring the sound, style and trusted content 2SER delivers all year round.

(This information includes results from a McNair Ingenuity Research Survey, May 2013.)

Switch On

The 2SER Broadcast Licence covers the Greater Sydney Metropolitan Area, reaching North to the Central Coast, West to the Blue Mountains and South to Wollongong.

We broadcast from two locations; our main studios on Broadway in Ultimo, Sydney and also from studios on campus at Macquarie University.

2SER can be heard on 107.3 FM, 2SER Digital, streamed live from and via our free smart phone app.

With the 2SER Listen On Demand service at our listeners have unlimited access to the last 4 weeks of all programs broadcast on 2SER 107.3 FM.

To get your message to our listeners contact 2SER’s Sponsorship Manager, Mark Ward

Mark can be reached at or on (02) 9514 9531