Weekly Feed with Callan Boys

Talking with Callan Boys about what Sydney will be drinking in the next 12 months. Alcohol free gin is going to be hitting our shores, slightly controversial we know, but that doesn’t mean we are not a little over excited by the news. To date, the alcohol free options have been pretty grim (Claytons, anyone?) Seedlip, is a herbal liquor and taste just like a G&T when mixed with some tonic.

Closer to home, Deviant Distillery are making a 10 year old whiskey in just 10 weeks. It’s whiskey with a fake ID but it is not fooling anyone over at Fairfax as their whiskey tasters could sniff the imposter out. Expect a lot more from Australian whiskey distilleries in the coming year.

Finally the trend towards craft brewers producing easier drinking beers in old school tinnies is a welcome one – especially on a hot day!

The full story by Callan is coming out on Tuesday in the Sydney Morning Herald. Follow all of Callan’s food and drink adventures @callanboys

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